Spring 2- Week 1

Date: 22nd Feb 2024 @ 8:10am

Welcome back to everyone,

We have had a very busy first week back!

On Monday, we welcomed everyone back to school and said hello to Miss Woods, a student teacher who will be with us for nine weeks; how exciting! 

Pat Hutchins' Titch was the focus story for this week. We discussed and wrote about our favourite parts of the story. We were also inspired to make pinwheels after discovering that Titch had one in the story.

In phonics, we have been revising all of the previously taught digraphs and trigraphs. We are working really hard to read and write words that contain them. Keep up the hard work, children 😊.  

In maths, we explored the concept of ‘doubling’. To understand that doubling means twice as many, we used a variety of objects, including dice and numicon. We also enjoyed seeing the reflection of doubling objects in mirrors and creating doubles on butterfly templates with paint and sponges.

On Thursday, we were visited by Max B's family, who told us about their Lunar New Year celebrations. Max B's grandmother told us about how the colour is considered lucky in Chinese culture. We enjoyed listening to a story about Chinese New Year story and were overjoyed when we received a fortune cookie to take home.

The theme for this week's Collective Worship was Lent. We discussed Lent and how it is an important time to prepare for Easter. We then talked about how some people give up chocolate for Lent, but we also discussed how we could make a promise to treat others with kindness or help to tidy our bedroom, instead of giving up something. After forty days, this will become a habit.

We are also wrapping up last term's topic, Working Together, in Happy Healthy Me. We talked about safe and dangerous scenarios and sorted them appropriately. Check out some of the photographs below!

The rainy weather this week made us wait patiently for this week's Wellie Walk! We read the story "Messy Magpie," which stressed the importance of protecting the environment, before going on our Wellie Walk. We could not believe we discovered some litter outside while out for our wellie walk. We made the decision to clean up the litter using our smaller pickers. We also talked about the significance of wearing gloves at all times and the help of an adult when picking up litter.

We wish you a happy weekend,

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