The Big Sing Liturgy Thing

The Big Sing Liturgy Thing

Thursday 8th November

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On Thursday the 8th November, our Year 6 children attended The Big Sing Liturgy Thing - run by CJM - at St John Rigby College. A fantastic day was had by all and the children really came away feeling inspired. 

The Big Sing Liturgy Thing was attended by lots of Year 6 children from different primary schools in the area, as well as the Year 7 children from St Peter's. It was a lovely opportunity to get together, see some familiar faces and meet new people.

To begin the day, we learned lots of new songs (and we even learned sign language to go with some of them). This was really good fun. The atmosphere was fantastic and everyone was singing and dancing away. To make it even more fun, we had competitions to see which side of the room could sing the loudest: we even had a competition against all of the teachers!

In between the morning's events, we played a game called 'Real or No Real', which was an adaptation of 'Deal or No Deal'. This was a really enjoyable game, where we were given two images. We had to decide which one was a symbol of Christianity. Dan and Emily (two members of the CJM team) came around the room with microphones and asked children which one they thought was correct and why. We found this part of the day to be one of the most enjoyable parts. Some of the symbols were easy to guess, but others were quite difficult! 

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During the morning's activities, some children were selected as dancers and left for a workshop, leaving the rest of us to continue to sing, dance and play games. At the end of the day, during our worship session, the dancers performed their routine to the whole group, which was very impressive. 

As well as dancers, some of St Mary's children (Jamie and Ella) were involved in reading during the worship session. They had to stand up in front of everyone and read, which they did confidently and clearly.

Overall, we had a special day at The Big Sing Liturgy Thing, made even more special by receiving small crosses to take home at the end of the day, which were blessed by a Deacon.


What our Year 6 children said about the day:


"I enjoyed the day as we learned all about crosses. It was a brilliant experience."


William C

"I enjoyed doing Real or No Real because I liked guessing all of the pictures to see if they meant anything or not."



"My favourite thing was the singing because it got every school active and it was fun."



"I really enjoyed John Rigby because of how we were all singing together: everyone was standing up and it gave me joy."



"I really enjoyed the singing as everyone stood up like it was a massive concert. I also enjoyed my reading although it was nerve-wracking standing in front of all those people!"


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