Spring Term 1- Week 3

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 9:39am

Hi everyone,

We have had another busy week. We dug deeper into the fairy tale, the Three Little Pigs, and made our own wanted posters in an attempt to capture the big bad wolf! 

In phonics, we learned the digraph 'oi', and the trigraph 'ear'.  We also continued to practise reading the tricky word 'you'. The children have been given a letter formation sheet that reinforces previously taught letter sounds. There is no need to return the sheet to school, so please just do what you can and when you can. Use your imagination to practise letter formation (writing with paint, foam or even a twig in the mud, for example.)

In maths, we explored capacity. We had a great time filling containers with various loose parts like stones, conkers, corks, and pinecones. We looked closely to see if a container could hold more of one object than another. The children also ordered water containers in order of capacity, from empty to full.

This week's Wellie Walk was a lot of fun. We checked the bird feeders to see if any of the seeds had been eaten. We were surprised to see two birds eating the bird cake we prepared for them. We were filled with awe and amazement while watching.

In Happy Healthy Me, we talked about forgiveness and the importance of taking responsibility for our actions and apologising. We also discussed ways to express our apologies, such as doing something nice and not repeating the same mistake.

In Come and See, we listened to the Presentation Story (Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the temple). We talked about Simeon and Anna, the main characters in the story, and what they said about Jesus. We remembered Simeon's words about Jesus being like a light to help people.  As part of our learning, we created some beautiful artwork to show  that Jesus is the light of the world 😊.

Finally, thank you very much for all of your junk modelling donations.

We wish you a happy weekend, 

The Reception Team

Advanced notice: On Thursday, 8th February, 2024, Reception will learn about the Chinese New Year. As part of our learning, we will try some Chinese cuisine, such as egg noodles, vegetable spring rolls, prawn crackers, and sweet chilli sauce. If your child is allergic to any of the foods mentioned above, please inform a member of the Reception team. Thank you.